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Interlock Construction

Interlock Galleries

Interlock Galleries

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Interlock Driveways

Turning your asphalt or gravel driveway into an interlocking driveway is a great way to bring a modern and classy look to your home or business. Interlocking your driveways will not only look fashionable but it will also up-sell the value of your home, chalet or vacation home. Their are dozens of man made and natural stone you can use to construct your dream driveways. All stones vary in price and have their own fragrant look to it. We’ll help you choose the right stone that matches your personality and home.

Interlock Walkways

Interlocking your front walkway is a great way of expressing yourself to your neighbours, friends and family when welcoming them into your home. Their are many different types of interlocking stone to pick from when designing a stone walkway. With each type of stone comes multiple different laying patterns and colours to design and install your dream walkway. Each type of stone vary in price but we all know when it comes to buying something, quality cost more. Check out some of our before and after pictures of our most recent interlocking walkways below!

Interlock Patios

Are you thinking about taking down your old existing routing out wooden deck and want to replace it with an interlocking stone patio?! We can certainly help you with this project. There are many different things you can make with interlocking stone. Check out the stone patio we designed and constructed below. Theirs many many things you     need to know and do when building a project like this one. As mentioned above, their are dozens of interlocking stones to choose from, but your then limited to only a few options when designing an interlock patio. Call us today to go over some idea’s for your home!

Types of Unilock Interlocking Stone

Unilock, Brussel Block, Bellpasso, Court Stone, Rich Cliff, Town Hall, IL Campo, Copthorne, Rivenstone, Imbriano, Series 3000, Unigranite, Beacon Hill Flagstone, Thornbury, NorthShore, Avante Ashlar, Stonehenge, Antara, Europaver, Hollandstone, Double Holland

Types of Best Way Stone Interlock

Tervista, Adelaide, Richmond, Strada Nova, Corso, Moderna, Strada Antico, Bellagio Antico, Adora Antico, Pathway Antico, Villa, Galleria, Standard, Double Standard, Tresca, Flagstone

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